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Escarificador de profundidad

The ARTIGLIO model is suitable for high-power tractors (from 150 to 390 HP). Maximum working depth is 55 cm with different widths available, and configurations from 5 to 11 shanks. A new frame that is completely welded confers the best resistance to all stresses, shear bolts are the main protection for machine against impact with obstacles in deep layers. High soil clearance (90 cm – 3 feet) and the exclusive “wave” design of flanks allows always a good flow of soil and residues under the subsoiler, preventing any clogging. The double rear roller is hydraulically adjusted from the tractor driver’s seat.

Anchura de trabajo
Profundidad de trabajo
Dientes (N.)
250/5 110-147 / 150-200 250 55 5
300/5 125-162 / 170-220 300 55 5
300/7 140-184 / 190-250 300 55 7
400/9 161-242 / 220-330 400 55 9
500/11 184-287 / 250-390 500 55 11
  • Enganche universal de 3 puntos, cat. III ISO y cat. IV N ISO + ASAE
  • Hasta 55 cm de profundidad de trabajo
  • Despeje del suelo: 90 cm
  • Espessor de los brazos de 35 mm
  • Barra acoplamiento rápido y reversible con aplic. de tungsteno
  • Azadas 140 mm con aplicación de tungsteno
  • Aletas rompedoras de terrones
  • Tornillos de seguridad, 5 de repuesto sueltos
  • Pies de estacionamiento
  • Kit luces y tablas para versiones 300, 400, 500
  • Pareja de ruedas de profundidade 10.0/75-15.3 18PR
  • Kit banda de contención terrones
  • Kit enganche 3 puntos K700
Perfect soil and residue fluxes between ranks Open Close


Perfect soil and residue fluxes between ranks

The wide spacing between the ranks (80 cm) and the high clearance avoid residues bulldozing and clogging; improving working efficiency.

Effective soil crushing and airing that improve water infiltration and drainage Open Close


Effective soil crushing and airing that improve water infiltration and drainage

The tines are equipped with quick coupling reversible tips and 140 mm side deflectors that break down plough pan without soil turnover.

Residue incorporation for high yields Open Close


Residue incorporation for high yields

The rear spike rollers of 140 mm diameter, easily adjustable by mechanic system, permit to reduce soil clods and incorporate crop residues, maintaining high levels of soil fertility.
The opposite revolution of rear spike rollers improves soil clods crushing, making easier next seed bad preparation. This action is carried on without extra power requirement.


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