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The ARTIGLIO MAGNUM requires high-power tractors (from 190 to 400 HP) and it can reach a working depth up to 28”. The shanks (from 5 to 9 according to the working width) are 1,6” thick and they are equipped with shear bolts safety system (5 spare bolts come as standard). The welded frame has an ultra-high soil clearance (3.8‘) and the two gangs are 3’ spaced. The exclusive “wave” design of frame flanks improves soil and residue flows preventing clogging even at high working speeds.

Version Shanks (N.) Power Needed (HP)
400/9 9 310-400 13 28
250/5 5 190-280 8 28
300/5 5 210-270 10 28
300/7 7 240-340 10 28
400/7 7 260-360 13 28
  • Universal three point hitch, cat. 3 ISO and cat. 4 N
  • ISO + ASAE
  • Up to 28” working depth tines
  • Frame ground clearance: 45”
  • Leg thickness 1½”
  • Quick hitch reversible soil opening blade with tungsten coating
  • 5½” wide tungsten coated wings
  • Clod crusher
  • Safety shear-bolt, 5 spare bolts
  • Parking stands
  • Lighting and warning boards kit for 300, 400 versions
  • Depth rubber wheels 10.0/75-15.3 18PR
  • Strip clod containment kit 
  • Three point hitch K700
Compaction layer shattering Open Close


Compaction layer shattering

Maschio sub-soilers break up compaction layers, promote aeration, limit runoff and improve water infiltration which helps the soil retain moisture. The shank inclination and the side deflectors has been designed to allow for better penetration, even in the toughest soils



Deep tillage speeding Open Close

romania feb17

Deep tillage speeding

1,2” 1,4” or 1,6” thick shanks are characterized by an increasing inclination from the tip to the top (from 20° to 60°). It improves soil penetration reducing HP requirements.



Double spike roller Open Close


Double spike roller

A double spike roller with Ø of 6” or 9” and a blades number variable from 16 (for 4,3’ versions) to 96 (for 16’ versions) improves residue sizing and incorporation, clod shattering and soil levelling.



Perfect soil-residue flow Open Close


Perfect soil-residue flow

The wide spacing between the ranks (2'' 1/2) and the high clearance avoid residues bulldozing and clogging; improving working efficiency.

Heavy-Duty Frame Open Close

Heavy Duty frame

Heavy-Duty Frame

The new welded frame is characterized by reinforced square beams with 1/2" thickness and high performing steel. 


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