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110-242 kW (150-330 HP)

Grade rotativa dobrável idealizada para satisfazer as exigências dos alugadores de máquinas e de empresas agrícolas de grandes dimensões. Disponível nas versões 4, 4.6, 5, 6 e 7 metros e pode ser associada a tractores até 330 CV.

Largura de trabalho (cm)
Profundidade de trabalho
Numero di utensili
4000 103-220 / 140-300 400 412 28 32
4600 110-220 / 150-300 460 472 28 36
5000 118-242 / 160-330 500 512 28 40
6000 133-242 / 180-330 600 612 28 48
  • Redutor central de velocidade a 1000 rpm, tdf posterior com sincronização de segurança na tdf lateral
  • Caixa de velocidades lateral tdf 1000 rpm
  • Par de engrenagens standard para caixa de velocidades
  • rotações do rotor PTO 1000 rpm: 357
  • Cardan central com embraiagem tipo cam (forquilha lado tractor 1' 3/8 e Z20) (LONG LIFE)
  • Cardans laterais directos (LONG LIFE)
  • Desmontagem rápida do protector do cardan
  • Corpo de transmissão reforçado com caixa dupla
  • Eixos porta-facas de forma circular
  • Cunhas de reforço de aço estampado (PLUS)
  • Protecções laterais fixas
  • Desengate rápido das facas
  • Engate universal de 3 pontos, cat. III
  • Instalação luzes traseiras de transporte (desmontada)
  • Dispositivo manual para posicionamento de: trabalho fixo - trabalho oscilante
  • Accionamento hidráulico para abertura e fecho dos corpos do flexível
  • Engate de segurança hidráulico para transporte
  • Largura com grade dobrável fechada: 240 cm
  • 2 facas por rotor
  • Âncora central
  • Protecções de segurança 'CE' (montadas)
  • 2 Cilindros hidráulicos para regulação rolo
  • Barra niveladora posterior com manivelas mecãnicas de regulação
  • Protecções de estrada
  • Acoplamento hidráulico para semeador (apenas para versões 4600, 5000)
  • Par de apaga rastos com regulação por pernos e sistema de segurança por cavilha
  • Par de apaga rastos com regulação por pernos e sistema de segurança por mola
  • Acoplamento rápido, cat. III
  • Kit casquillos reducción para cat. IV
  • Kit tubos adicional para rolo gaiola Ø 450 - Mod. 4600 (2 kits necessários)
  • Kit tubos adicional para rolo gaiola Ø 450 - Mod. 5000 (2 kits necessários)
  • Kit tubos adicional para rolo gaiola Ø 450 - Mod. 6000 (2 kits necessários)
  • Kit flutuante hidráulico para oscilação para baixo
  • Kit carro transporte hidráulico
Reinforced trough Open Close

double skin trough

Reinforced trough

Double skin structure (internal shell 6 mm, external 5 mm) increases strength, prevents torsion and protects the workings from damage

Number of rotors Open Close

img 3numero rotori

Number of rotors

25 cm spacing among the rotors gives Maschio Power Harrows more rotors than many other power harrows on the market today, it also lowers the horsepower requirement and most importantly leaves a finer seed bed.

Gearbox Open Close

gearbox cambio velocit


Main gearbox is critically important to the machine, so it is made directly by Maschio Gaspardo to ensure consistency, strength and quality. Spare gears are available on machines to change rotation speed of tines.

Low vibrations Open Close

rotors power harrow

Low vibrations

The tine rotors are all positioned at different angles which allow the power harrow to gradually dig into the soil reducing the vibration transmitted to the tractor and reducing peak loads on the driveline resulting in smoother operation and less fuel consumption.

“RAPIDO” quick fit system - easy tines replacement Open Close

Rapido quick fit system

“RAPIDO” quick fit system - easy tines replacement

QUICKFIT tine system allows the user to replace tines quickly with one turn of the QUICKFIT tool, this minimises downtime and increases safety.

Special roller parallel linkage COMBI system Open Close

img10applicazioni rullo combi

Special roller parallel linkage COMBI system

Power harrow can be easily coupled with a seeding bar either with packer or rubber rollers.

Easy transport Open Close

img 8facilit di trasporto

Easy transport

The optional rear cart with pivoting wheels improves stability during road transport particularly on long distances.

Heavy Duty wings’ frame Open Close

img 4telaio robusto

Heavy Duty wings’ frame

The frame of new folding power harrows has been improved to be more resistant to heavy and continuative stresses. Hydraulic cylinders have an auto balancing system to control the depth of the rear roller and make sure it always runs level.




QUICKPLUS is a bolt on shield system. Assembling deflectors among the rotors-gear trough clearance, those prevents: stones, twines and debris colliding and wrapping on the rotors shafts. Remove deflectors is quick and easy to operate in no-stony conditions improving soil and residues flow.

Heavy Duty seal Open Close

paraolio poliuretano

Heavy Duty seal

The special design of seals, made of rubber and cellular polyurethane guarantees a perfect sealing and long durability.

On grip tines Open Close


On grip tines

The ON-GRIP tines are ideal for working in hard uncultivated soils with crop residues. Due to the shape of the blades you get excellent mixing of soil, it also leaves a large proportion of the large course soil on the surface preventing the top layer of soil creating a water tight crust.
Tungsten coated tines are suitable for abrasive soils: standard dotation on Jumbo, they are available as optional on other models. 


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