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135-185 kW (180-250 HP)

Semănătoarea ALITALIA este disponibilă cu diverse lăţimi de lucru de la 3 la 4 m. Conexiunea QUICK-MATCH™ la grapele combi Maschio permite o prindere simplă şi rapidă. Distribuitorul Gaspardo comandat prin sistemul GENIUS permite adaptarea maşinii la seminţe diferite cu operaţii puţine, simple şi rapide şi cu un control constant de la locul de condus.

Wersja Szerokość robocza
Szerokość całkowita
Głębokość pracy
Numero di utensili
3000 300 300 28 24 20/24 12.5 1500 180-250
3500 350 350 28 28 24/28 12.5 1500 200-250
4000 400 400 28 32 28/32 12.5 1500 220-250
Hydraulic lifting of seed drill Open Close


Hydraulic lifting of seed drill

It is possible to lift hydraulically the seed drill when only the power harrow tillage is necessary.

PERFECTA™ new double disc seeding bar Open Close


PERFECTA™ new double disc seeding bar

PERFECTA™ is a new double disc seeding bar for cereal and rape. Depth control and down pressure are adjusted independently.

Main features and innovations are:

  • double staggered big disc (370 mm of diameter) with integrated internal steel scraper and heavy duty sealed hub
  • opposite staggered design on front and rear ranks prevent from drifting working on slopes
  • 320x3” rear wheels to set seeding depth and to improve seed-soil contact
  • parallelogram unit guarantees great vertical excursion (+ 14 cm from the zero)
  • the two ranks are 585 mm spaced to prevent from clogging working on heavy and muddy soils or at high speed
  • even seeding depth control from 0 to 8 cm can be easily adjusted
  • centralized seeding bar down pressure adjustment can be set while working

Perfect combination with the QUICK-MATCH system Open Close


Perfect combination with the QUICK-MATCH system

QUICK-MATCHTM is the connection system for fix, combi power harrows and seed drills. Plastic buffers are applied on the power harrow roller in order to shift the seeder load to the roller. This equipment avoids damages on stony soils and keeps constant the sowing depth even on hilly soils.

Hydraulic coulter bar tensioning Open Close


Hydraulic coulter bar tensioning

The pressure of planting unit is easily regulated from the cab by hydraulic pistons.

Wide range of planting units Open Close

seeding unit NINA2

Wide range of planting units

1 Coulter boot: indicated for sowing in tilled and stony soils without crop residues. Each component getting in contact with soil is made of long lasting materials and are easily replaceable.

2 INOX steel disc: recommended for seeding on tilled and no-tilled soils even with straws. Discs are keep cleaned by double mud scraper. Each disc is equipped with sealed bearing that does not require lubrication and maintenance.

3- Double boron steel made COREX discs: suggested to work on tilled soils with crop residues. By their exclusive camber, these discs make easy sowing depth control. Each disc is equipped with sealed bearing that does not require lubrication and maintenance.

Different cover harrows Open Close


Different cover harrows

Different models of elastic tooth and different systems to modify the cover harrow height are proposed.

The STANDARD tooth is normally applied to on in-line seed drills and it is indicated for tilled soils.

The SOFT tooth has less aggressive spring and tooth inclination to avoid clogging. This version is recommended for no-tilled soil with many crop residues.

The regulation of cover harrow height occurs by pins as standard while multiple adjustment with a continuous cylinder is optional.

No seed waste Open Close


No seed waste

The exceeding seed, consequence of row exclusions by TRAM LINE, comes back to the distributor even with the full hopper.


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