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версия Discs (⌀/N.) Power Needed (HP)
850 68 330-450 28 6 24
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Agronomic advantages

ADMIRAL is designed to accomplish several actions in the field:

  • Residue sizing – Aggressive notched blades slice through crop residue to effectively size it for rapid decomposition.
  • Residue blending – The high-speed rotation of the discs turns the soil while chopping residue. This results in an ideal mixture of tilled soil with properly sized residue.
  • Oxygen introduction/warming – As the soil and residue are mixed, oxygen enters the tilled zone and in cooler soils the action also warms the seed zone for rapid crop rooting and emergence.
  • Activation of soil bacteria – Machinery doesn't break down crop residue as the soil bacteria does. When soil is warmed and oxygen is introduced, soil bacteria becomes active and feeds on crop residue. During this process, the residue is decomposed and the nutrients become available for new plantings.
  • Finishing – Consolidating the soil/residue mix helps bacteria break down residue better. The consolidated surface also produces an ideal seedbed, prevents erosion and creates a capillary effect to preserve moisture.


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The 22° cutting angle, the disc shape and spacing ensure an optimal cutting quality even in the toughest working conditions.

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Each disc hub is mounted on an individual heavy-duty C spring support. The special C shape produces a permanent 3D vibration which improves soil refinement and residues incorporation. The spring arm allows an independent action of each disc and compensates for varying ground conditions as discs can move upwards and sideways.

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