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Zebra is a strip tiller that works just on a narrow band of soil, where later it will be possible to plant seeds. Inter-row space is not involved in tillage, surface crop residues are simply moved on it. Contemporary to soil preparation is possible to apply fertilizer on the bottom of tilled soil. This machine is suited to farms specialized in mais cultivation (or other species adapt to this tillage) and matches goals of reliability and great work capacity. Available in 4, 6, 8 rows versions.

Also available with ZEBRA ROCK dampening system (Search in FEATURES).

Profondeur de travail
4 110 / 150 25 950 4 70/75 cm x 4
6 176 / 240 25 1900 6 70/75 cm x 6
8 220 / 300 25 1900 8 70/75 cm x 8
  • Three point hitch cat. III, 3N, IV, 4N, Quick-Coupler
  • Pair of support wheels
  • Lighting kit (disassembled)
  • Warning boards (disassembled)
  • 1x950 liter steel hopper (4 rows version)
  • 2x950 liter steel hopper (6-8 rows versions)
  • Hydraulic fertilizer drive, manual adjustment
  • Footboard with step ladder
  • Machine not provided with row markers, use satellite automatic drive
  • systems (GPS)



  • Complete ZEBRA unit
  • Hitch Kirovets kit



The Strip-Till benefits Open Close

ZEBRA 8 rows300

The Strip-Till benefits

Strip Till combines benefits of no till and conventional tillage to the bonus of an earlier planting date. Breaking up compact soil guarantees to worm it up more quickly and ends initial spring downtime, allowing growers to plant sooner. Moreover, it encourages natural organic matter to build up, improving the rate of water infiltration and resulting in healthier, nutrient-rich soil. Has been proven that strip-tilled fields absorb water much more quickly and retain it at a significant higher rate compared with other tillage systems. ZEBRA cuts establishment costs and increases profit by saving time, lowering fuel and fertiliser usage in a quick and easy way.


elementorock zebra


It's a spring loaded dampening system which prevents any downtime from shanks impacts with stones and hard soils extending spring life time.

  • Parallel arm connection with double adjustable spring
  • Notched disc coulter Ø 510 mm, cuts soil and residues, dual gauge wheels to adjust working depth
  • Adjustable trash wheels to sweep residues away from the seeding line
  • The anti-wear tungsten shank guarantees soil tillage up to 20-25 cm while localizing dry fertilizer in depth
  • Side containing discs create a soft ridge collecting to the center of the strip tilled soil
  • Rear dumped roller, does a finishing action and creates a perfect seed bed

Localized tillage, localized fertilization Open Close


Localized tillage, localized fertilization

Localized fertilizer gives a significant benefit in terms of results and yields. On-strip distribution reduces rate of fertilizer applicated, minimizing wastes. The precise and proven GASPARDO system allows to deliver the proper quantity of granular fertilizer into the tillage strips.

Under-row localized distribution can be obtained only with this kind of machineries, and takes much more agronomic benefits than traditional side-row distribution. In first growth stages plants rooting depth is stimulated, making crop more resistant to water stresses!

Arm strong Open Close


Arm strong

ZEBRA tillage unit is designed to cope with high residues quantity and hard soil at high speed. The parallel linkage arm is made of one high tensile steel cast piece. This design prevents from twisting and bending under loads and impacts which can occur in the toughest working conditions.

Front disc coulter Open Close

front disc 300

Front disc coulter

The 450 mm (18") wide disc coulter with notched edge has three adjustment settings of side gauge wheels to control working depth. It consistently cuts soil and residue at the best.

Row cleaners Open Close


Row cleaners

The fine adjustment of the trash wheels gives a perfect cleaning of the tilled strip: residues are swept away from the tillage line preventing clogging.

Heavy Duty shank Open Close


Heavy Duty shank

The Heavy Duty shank, made of tempered boron steel, breaks up and refines soil up to a 25 cm (10") depth. Rear distributor delivers fertilizer into furrow.

Containing discs Open Close

ruote contenim300

Containing discs

Two side containing discs collect soil to the middle of the tilled strip, creating a small ridge in the center of it.


Crumbler roller Open Close

rulli post300

Crumbler roller

The rear crumbler roller prepares the seeding bed refining clods and leveling the surface. Its curved bars reconsolidate soil most on the sides, keeping the center soft and raised from the ground surface. This particular tillage keeps soil in central zone well drained and warmer than soil around, making it ready to be planted earlier comparing to other techniques.  

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