CHRONO is the high speed planting technology capable of guaranteeing an excellent planting accuracy with all seed types and soil conditions, even in the most challenging situation. This new product enriches the already large offering of GASPARDO for precision planting and sets new standards for this crucial farming operation. The highest level of productivity matches the agronomic advantages of an extremely versatile planting unit. From conventional to minimum tillage and even No-Till, this planter can perform in a wide range of conditions, always ensuring the best accuracy of seed placement.

Product naming: CHRONO versions are identified by the version number 3 digits, first digit identify the toolbar type and other two the number of rows.

1 - three point mounted rigid (available the transport kit to pull the planter on the road, integrated wheels) 
3 - three point pounted telescopic for narrow transport
5 - three point mounted stack folding (3 sections flexible tool bar)
7 - pull type forward folding toolbar 
9 - pull type (2 sections tool bar) central seed hopper 100 bu. only seed; or 56 bu. seed and 200 bu. dry fert 

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Version Transport width ROWS NUMBER ROWS DISTANCE (IN)
112 11½ 12 30
118 11½ 18 18
306 10 6 30
508 10 8 30
708 10 8 30
916 11½ 16 30
924 11½ 24 20
  • CHRONO planting unit 
  • Centralized downforce with AIR SPRING
  • ISOTRONIC electronic transmission seeding distributors
  • Volumetric lobe compressor with filter
  • Anti-dust filters for the air entering the distributor
  • ISOBUS GENIUS MASTER system (ISO 11783)
  • Cable 7 pin ISO 11786 for the tractor speed signal transmission
  • Aluminum distributor
  • 1.7 bu. seed hopper capacity
  • 1”x14” “V” shaped rubber press wheels
  • Rubber seed press wheel
  • 1 plastic seed disc for every unit (specify seed)
  • Safety frame opening/closing hydraulic control with cab controls (operated also with the ISOBUS Genius Master system)
  • Double disc coulter for fertilizer
  • Electronic transmission microgranulator with 1/2 bu. hopper capacity each row (version with microgranulator)
  • Inspection steps
  • Bee safeguarding deflector hoses
  • Air filters
  • Lighting kit 
  • Warning boards 
  • Tractor hydraulic distributors required: Min 4



  • 1”x14” “V” cast iron press wheels
  • 2”X14” “V” rubber press wheels
  • Trash wheels
  • Ø 14" disc coulter
  • Hydraulic row marker track 
High speed distributor Open Close


High speed distributor

Inside the metering unit, behind the seed disc, a vacuum attracts and picks the seeds through the plate holes. Its set up depends on:


Diameter, weight and shape of the seed;

Number of holes on the seed disc.


Depending on the type of seed, it is possible to adjust the air flow. The flow of air will be less important for rapeseed to prevent the seed from bouncing in the furrow and vice versa, the air flow will be stronger for a corn seed. This independent compressed air circuit, with adjustable flow, allows the drill to adapt immediately to each crop.

CHRONO - Seed counter sensor Open Close


CHRONO - Seed counter sensor

The photocell at the exit of the metering unit checks the actual passage of the seed in the seed tube through the lighting of a led. It allows a real-time data collection regarding number of seeds, distance and precision. An audible alarm warns in case of problems in the system

Maximized accuracy Open Close


Maximized accuracy

The volumetric lobe compressor creates an adjustable airflow in the seed tube that transports seeds from the metering unit to the seeding furrow. Rebounds and slowdowns are avoided thanks to this constant airflow: two independent systems manage the vacuum of the metering unit for seed selection while the pressurized air flow transports the seeds through the delivery tube to the furrow.

The seeds are released by the distributor to the straight seed tube with zero friction, thanks to the 15° angle that features the metering unit. In the first section of the tube a vacuum sucks the seeds downwards; in the second part, instead, an airflow leads them effectively towards the furrow with an operating pressure of the system that can vary from 75 up to 400 mbar, totally independent from the vacuum circuit.

With CHRONO the seed spacing will be therefore perfectly uniform.

The regulation of the airflow depends on:

- Working speed;
- Planting depth;
- Size and shape of the seed.

CHRONO - Tilted metering unit with electric transmission Open Close


CHRONO - Tilted metering unit with electric transmission

The metering unit has been designed to reduce wearing of components and to guarantee the best reliability in every working condition.

A single electric motor drives the seed disc. The seeds are released by the 15°-angled distributor to the seed tube without any friction. The 5 tips selector guarantees one seed for hole. The integrated rotating gasket allows wearing reduction.

The design Open Close


The design

The CHRONO precision planting unit is the result of the cooperation between MASCHIO GASPARDO R&D and SID Italian School of Design. The cutting edge design ensures the best performanceease of use and ergonomic results for the operator.

The CHRONO design and name express dynamism, speed and precision. The remarkable and unique style offers a modern and innovative look. 

CHRONO - Air spring Open Close


CHRONO - Air spring

With AIR SPRING, the down pressure on the ground is given by a compressed air shock absorber with centralized regulation. The wide loading range guarantees versatility with both tilled and untilled soils. Maximum stability of the element working in uneven soil and high speed.


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