Maschio Gaspardo has been at Vallevecchia testing farm (Brussa di Caorle - Venice) the last 19th of July.

Our Company joined the LIFE Programme with AGRICARE  project (Introducing innovative precision farming techniques in AGRIculture to decrease CARbon Emissions), designed to promote technological innovation for the reduction of harmful gases and soil protection.

AGRICARE project (which partners are: Veneto Agricoltura, University of Padova - TESAF, Enea, besides us) aims to assess how the different approaches to conservation agriculture (minimum tillage, strip-tillage, no-tillage-sowing) can enhance the precision agriculture, reducing carbon emissions and overall environmental impact of crops while maintaining or better, improving profitability for farms.

This has been a unique opportunity to see at an European level several machineries and techniques compared on a site of special natural and agricultural value, for potential scenarios of the future of agriculture.

Maschio Gaspardo Group is proud to be technology partner of the LIFE Programme because it has the ambition to be leader in the environmental protection and in the search for sustainable agriculture.

Download here the the program and contact us for every info.