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TANK FROM 2000 to 4000 LITRES

Uragano is a self propelled sprayer engineered for phytochemicals application on very high crops, like maize at the moment of anti-pyralid treatment, or tobacco when flower-killing is needed. Its particular configuration allows to overcome, without any damage, rows of plants tall up to 3 m. A very smart hydraulic system can vary continuosly track width, boom and cabin height for many machine configurations! Very low center of gravity, coming from engine and services in a central tunnel, makes machine very stable and reliable both when working on field or during manoeuvring. Extreme versatility makes anyway this sprayer suited for all kind of applications.

Version Wheels Tank capacity (LITRES) Boom width (METERS) Pump (l/min - bar) ENGINE (HP) Track width (mm) Boom lifting (mm)
2000 270/80 R36 1100 + 1100 18-24 280-20 140 hp (127kW) 1700-3050 3900
3000 300/85 R 42 1500 + 1500 18-28 280-20 170hp (127kW) 1700-3050 3900
4000 300/85 R 42 2000 + 2000 18-28 280-20 170hp (127kW) 1700-3050 3900


  • John Deere 6068HF285 170 HP
  • Four wheel drive with hydrostatic trasmission 2 speeds + reverse
  • Electronical differential lock on LX version
  • 270/90 R36 wheels (270/80 - R36 on 2000 version)
  • Max working speed: 20 km/h (18 on 2000 version)
  • Max driving speed: 40 km/h (36 on 2000 version)
  • Central tunnel clearance: 1700mm
  • Clearance under machine: 2900mm (at wider track width)
  • ARS (All Rows Spacing) system for track width adjustment, can be set directly from driving seat (1750 to 3050 mm)
  • 4 electronically assisted steering functions: a) hydraulic on front wheels, b) electronical on front wheels, c) 4 steering wheels d) "crab" steering    
  • Negative brakes on rear wheels
  • Pneumatic compensated suspension with floating spar
  • Cabin with air conditioning, warming and activated carbon filter
  • Radio with CD/MP3 reader


  • N°2 stainless steel lateral tanks 
  • N°1 circuit rinsing tank 300 l (200 l on 2000 version) 
  • N°1 diesel tank 225 l
  • Mixer 30 l with bottle-cleaner
  • 4 electronic balance cells to check tank level on LX version


  • Electro-hydraulic boom control 
  • Parallelogram cabin lifting with hydraulic control
  • Parallelogram boom lifting with hydraulic control
  • Extra elevation for boom working height from 600 to 3800 mm or from 1100 to 4400 mm
  • Spray computer
  • hydro-pneumatic boom suspension
  • Tri-jet, nozzles AIR MIX 02, XR04, 06VK, polymer body and ceramic nozzles
  • Membrane pump 280 l/min
  • Auxiliary membrane pump 70 l/min for product mixing 
  • Self-filling pump 500 l/min for tank filling (300 l/min on 2000 version) 
  • Automatic visualisation of tank level
  • Air compressor for machine cleaning 
  • Tube roller L= 10m , ø 50 mm, hydraulic rolling
  • Stainless stell centrifuge self-filling pump
  • High pressure water jet machine for external sprayer cleaning
  • Liquid fertilisation kit
  • Kit for camera and monitor for manoeuvres
  • Autoguide kit
  • Litre-counter kit for tank filling
  • Piston pump 246 l/min for liquid fertilisation
  • GPS
  • Tyres 540/65 R24
  • Tyres 380/85 R24 (only on version 2000)
  • Tyres 420/70 R30 (for version 3000 and 4000)
  • Tyres 320/90 R32 (for version 3000 and 4000)
  • Tyres 300/85 R42
Overcoming configuration Open Close


Overcoming configuration

Overcoming structure of Uragano with central tunnel (cab, engine, service) and two side bodies avoids to damage plants under the machine. This feature is particularly useful when spraying tall crops in advanced stage, like happens in maize and tobacco. Lower center of gravity, comparing to other self-propelled sprayers confers to URAGANO great stability and safety in field and in road transport.  

ARS (All Row Spacing) system Open Close


ARS (All Row Spacing) system

With "ARS" system is possible to adjust the track spacing quickly and easily thanks to the hydraulic parallel connection. From the cab you can adjust the track spacing with infi nite settings from 1700 mm up to 3050 mm.

AIR FLOW (optional) Open Close


AIR FLOW (optional)

AIR FLOW improves work capacity of machine, allowing it to operate even in presence of wind up to 6/8 km/h (20-28 km/h). Spraying drift is reduced of 90%. Turbolence and and small returning upwards flows move foliage, allowing product to reach lower vegetation and lower page of leaves, normally not involved by treatment. With this feature is possible to reduce application volume and product rate per hectare, enanching tank operating range and bringing economic benefits to the farmer.

AIR FLOW is powered by an hydraulic motor and has, with no price surcharge, possibility to  adjust air speed (from 0 to 115  km/h), to best adapt to working conditions.


Easy manoeuvrability! Open Close

ruote sterzanti300

Easy manoeuvrability!

The electronic steering control allows to fit every working condition, reducing at minimum trample damages. Steering action can be on the 2 or 4 wheels. The four motion allows the run of the “crab” allowing to moving on side even on narrow corners.

"Lookout" cab Open Close


"Lookout" cab

The cab has been developed with operator comfort and visibility as priority. The driving position offers outstanding visibility thanks to the top position of most of the machine settings. The GPS sections control automatically shut-off sections preventing waste or distribution overlapping. The auto pilot GPS function enhance the performance of the machine reaching the maximum precision on distribution.


8 gal. pre-mixer Open Close


8 gal. pre-mixer

The pre-mixer reduces contact with dangerous chemicals during preliminary operations, and begins product dilution with flow from the main tank. The bottle-cleaner nozzle allows 100% of the product to be used, reducing the waste in empty bottles. A smart parallelogram with spring lock takes the basket in comfortable position for the user to pour product and move levers, at the end of preparation the pre-mixer moves back close to the main tank.



John Deere engine Open Close

Motore JD ok

John Deere engine

Machine movement, functioning of pump and all services work thanks to a reliable and powerful John Deere engine: 4 cylinders 140 HP (Uragano 2000) or 6 cylinder 170 HP (Uragano 3000 and 4000). 150 l diesel fuel tank confers to machine an extended operating range.  


Joystick Open Close




The multifunction joystick, which controls the hydrostatic drive, allows:

  • Forward and reverse movement
  • The control of the spraying (main on/off and sections on/off)
  • The control of the boom hydraulic functions (height, tilt).

Filling pump Open Close

filling pump2

Filling pump

A powerful self-engaging auxiliary pump capacity 500 l/min (Uragano 3000 and 4000) or 300 l/min (Uragano 2000), can refill main tank in less than 10 minutes. A 10 m long tube (ø 50 mm), floating filter and hydraulic tube roller can make of any river or ditch a supply point: there's no need to stop operations, go back to farm and refill water tanks! 


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