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Clearance (CM) Bodies Number FRAME (CM)
MIRCO 6 172-209 / 230-280 80 6 160X160
MIRCO 7 194-224 / 260-300 80 7 160X160
MIRCO 8 224-261 / 300-500 80 8 160X160
  • Semi-mounted reversible plough for on furrow and/or on land (optional)ploughing
  • Shear bolt safety system
  • Anti-shock system with nitrogen accumulator on transport wheel
  • Frame: 160x160 mm
  • Interbody clearance: 105 cm
  • Under beam clearance: 80cm, 87cm (optional)
  • Share point on each mouldboard
  • Wheel 500/45-22,5 (Ø1020x500mm)
  • Parking stand
  • Mechanical adjustment of the first ploughshare
  • Working depth mechanical adjustment
  • Adjustable working width:
- mechanically step by step
- hydraulically (VARIO)
  • Hydraulic adjustment of the first plowshare
  • Under beam clearance 87 cm, couple
  • Trashboard, couple
  • High landslide, couple
  • Universal Skimmer, couple
  • Maize skimmer, couple
  • Large amounts skimmer, couple
  • Mouldboard MP4WD, couple
  • Mouldboard MP4QB, couple
  • Slatted mouldboard, couple
  • Coulter knife, couple
  • Toothed disc coulter ø500 mm, couple
  • On land version (front depth wheel included Ø690x300mm)



Bolted frame Open Close

bolt on frame

Bolted frame

Main structure of the plough is welding-free, all its components are bolted together to give maximum resistance under heavy load condition.

Vomers, skimmers and coulters Open Close

vomers skimmers and coulters

Vomers, skimmers and coulters

Many choices of vomers (standard, slatted or deep) skimmers (universal, maize or large capacity) and coulters (standard or disc) are available.

"Variable working width" hydraulic adjustment Open Close

working width adjustment

"Variable working width" hydraulic adjustment

Working width of single ploughshare can be set continuously between 30 and 50 cm (12 to 20 inches) from tractor cabin by hydraulic adjustment. Mechanical regulation is available on request.  

Shearing bolt Open Close

share bolt2

Shearing bolt

To protect plough and tractor from impact with buried obstacles, each element has a safety bolt device, which breaks over the maximum admissible load.

Road transport Open Close

road and working wheel3

Road transport

The plough can be moved in semi-mounted configuration using the depth-wheel on the rear; in 8 ploughshare version a nitrogen anti-shock system improves safety and prevents plough from bouncing during road transportation.