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102-147 kW (140-200 HP)
Single and double transmission fix straw chopper
Grass, corn, sugarbeet leaves, straw, wood branches

Le modèle LEOPARD s’adresse à tous ceux qui font un usage professionnel des broyeurs et qui les installent sur des tracteurs de grande puissance. La disposition hélicoïdale des outils sur le rotor assure une meilleure rotation tout en diminuant les vibrations et en optimisant la qualité de broyage. Disponible avec transmission simple (ST) ou double (DT) ; l’encombrement sur route est
inférieure à 3,5 m.

Largeur de travail
total width
Elements (BIRBA)
320 DT 102-147 / 140-200 320 349 1000 34
320 ST 102-132 / 140-180 320 349 1000 34
  • Universal three point fix hitch, cat. II
  • PTO shaft (1" 3/8 Z6 tractor side yoke)
  • 1000 rpm gearbox PTO 1000 rpm for ST and DT versions, with free wheel
  • 5 toothed belts single transmission for ST version
  • 3+3 belts double transmission with pulleys for DT version
  • Blades Kit “05”
  • Electronically balanced rotor with 8 rows of helically disposed tools
  • Heavy duty barrel type bearings
  • Height adjustable Ø 220mm rear levelling roller
  • Transmission belts external adjustment
  • Lower toothed counter-blade
  • Double standing support
  • Bonnet openable for maintenance
  • Front safety flaps
  • «CE» safety guards
  • Rear semi-pivoting wheels (2 wheels)
  • Road tables kit
  • Transport kit
  • Pair of adjustable skids
  • Semi-automatic quick three point hitch assembly, with bar
  • Double skin with welded toothed higher counter-blade (2 kits required)
  • Price reduction for roller - wheels version
High rotor speed with low vibrations Open Close

Gemella maschio 15

High rotor speed with low vibrations

Rotors of Maschio flail mowers are digitally balanced in order to ensure minimal vibration and improves long term reliability.

Self-cleaning rear roller Open Close


Self-cleaning rear roller

The spinning flails automatically clean the rear roller unloading the material behind it.

Courroie de transmission dentée avec réglage externe Open Close

Gemella maschio 4

Courroie de transmission dentée avec réglage externe

L'ensemble de la gamme de broyeurs utilisent un côté de transmission fiable est caractérisé par 3 à 5 ceintures de dents.

Counter blades for producing finer mulching of harder coarser materials Open Close

Gemella maschio 30

Counter blades for producing finer mulching of harder coarser materials

Internal lower counter blades ensure that the discharged material is mulched into fine pieces. The upper counter blade kits are available as an optional extra for a finer mulching of harder coarser materials.

Long life bearings Open Close


Long life bearings

Each bearing has a double rail consisting of two rows of spherical or barrel bearings to cope with heavy workloads. Main Advantages: long Life (Up to 30% longer than traditional taper roller bearings), high load capacity, easy maintenance.


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